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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Opportunities for winter training

As the old adage goes, you're either getting better or you're getting worse. Athletes who are not participating in a winter sport have several options for pre-season training.
Three areas that athletes can improve are muscular endurance, explosive strength, and cardiovascular conditioning. Organized strength training workouts for male and female athletes grades 7-12 are happening before and after school, every Monday and Wednesday. Morning workouts start at 6 a.m. in the weight room, which is temporarily located in the middle school. There's also a morning workout each Thursday. After school workouts begin at 2:45 p.m. on Mondays and Fridays, 1:45 p.m. on Wednesdays, with athletes warming up in the small or big gym before heading over to the weight room.
Female athletes can check with Coach Wilcox or Coach Sharp to get specific run workouts. Likewise, Coach Sponsler has a couple handouts for male athletes regarding what kind of conditioning work they can be doing throughout the winter.
Finally, to tie everything together, on Thursdays this winter, Coach Sharp is leading Insanity! workouts after school in her classroom.
Another old saying compares training to building a pyramid: the wider the base, the higher the peak. The stronger and better conditioned we are in March, the higher we'll stand on the podiums in June.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Take No Days Off

Watch "Chase Your Dreams (#TNDO @giavanni_ruffin)" on YouTube

Here's some inspiration for pre-season training.

Thank you to Tyler Snow, one of our throwers, for pointing us toward it on the YouTube.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Small Tasks [CLEAN EDIT] (pole vault, decathlon, hurdles, sprint training)

...brilliant discussion of the nature of success. Fits nicely with concept of adding value and developing winning habits.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Types of distance workouts explained

What's the Difference Between Fartlek, Tempo, and Interval Runs? | Runner's World & Running Times http://www.runnersworld.com/race-training/whats-difference-between-fartlek-tempo-and-interval-runs?cm_mmc=Twitter-_-RunnersWorld-_-Content-Blog-_-JennySpeedWork

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hello, Yeti! Klunker-Cross & Trail Run rouses abominable snowman from hibernation

     The Western Nature Trail was host today to the first running of the Hello, Yeti! Klunker-Cross & Trail Run.
     "Everything went impressively well," Western Middle School track coach Jim Rissi said. 
     Forty-seven competitors took their pick of three options: a 30-minute cyclocross race, a five-kilometer trail run, or, for the hearty few, both. 
     Winning the multi-sport event was Marshall Randall, a Western High School alumnus who now lives in Grand Rapids. He second second in the cyclocross and and second the trail run.
     Typically, a cyclocross race is contested on a course a mile or less in length, with a variety of terrains and barriers. Riders race to complete as many laps as possible in a set amount of time. For the Klunker-Cross, riders finished whatever lap they were on at the 30-minute mark.        
      Klunker-Cross winner Ed Millenaar, of Sarnia, Ontario, was the only rider to complete seven laps.
Derek Easton completes a flying dismount as he approaches a barrier on the Klunker-Cross course.
     Trail Run winners were Katsune Nakashima among the women, and Ashten Griswald among the men.
     "It felt good out there today," Griswald said. "It was just cold enough, and I like running on the trail."
     Competitors and spectators alike had positive things to say about the overall experience.
     "For this being the first time, it went really well," multi-sport competitor Dustin Burdick said. "The drums and cowbells were super sweet. You could hear them no matter where you were on the course."
Seth Amburgey, Jack Tallman, and Gabe Rowlison, members of Western High School's drumline, perform during the Hello, Yeti!
     After covering expenses associated with organizing the event, the Western Runners Club will donate proceeds to the Melanoma Research Foundation.
     "Melanoma is a sneaky skin cancer," varsity track and field coach Lucas Sponsler said. "The key is catching it early. So it's important people know what to look for, and don't hesitate to have any weird moles or lumps checked out."
     Sponsler said the lives of several Western athletes and coaches have been touched by skin cancer. "It became clear we needed to do something extra."
     Burdick said he and his fiance, Courtney Head, who ran the 5k, would have participated regardless, to support the MRF, but, "it was just plain fun."
Special thanks to the sponsors listed in the above photo, who provided materiel and financial support. Especially deserving of recognition are Corey Grazul of P&T Fitness, who withstood the brisk November air to provide free tune-ups and pit repairs to bike racers, Dan Powell of Portland Desgin Works, who donated the PDX Beanies and other goodies, and Courtney and Dustin Burdick, of Jackson Coffee Co., for keeping us warmly caffeinated.
 Thanks also to volunteers like Parker Brue, Alex Sponsler, Sean Burns, Hannon Morgan, Dave Cole, Jacob Sponsler, Colby Sharp, Linda Scholl, Cole Sharp, Ralph Rice, Ben Engelter, Kristin Kiebler, Mike and Martha Palmer, and everyone else who made this event a success. This fall's Yeti Committee consisted of Jim Rissi, Alaina Sharp, and Lucas Sponsler.

Hello, Yeti! results posted

RaceTab 3 by MileSplit                     Registered to: Engelter Sports Solutions,

                          Yeti Run - 11/4/2012 12:02:19 PM                        
                                Western HS, Parma, MI                              

                       Mixed 30 Minute Cyclocross                      
    Name                  Group     Age Hometown                  Time
  1 Ed Millenaar          M Oldie B   0 ,                     30:01.70
  2 Marshall Randall      M Oldie B   0 ,                     30:02.60
  3 Devin Cole            M Young &   0 ,                     30:03.60
  4 Derek Easton          M Young &   0 ,                     30:04.60
  5 Kirk Wick             M Young &   0 ,                     30:05.50
  6 Dustin Burdick        M Oldie B   0 ,                     30:06.50
  7 Sean Mills            M Oldie B   0 ,                     30:07.50
  8 Trey Palmer           M Young &   0 ,                     30:08.50
  9 Andrew Crowley        M Young &   0 ,                     30:09.50
 10 Gale Easton           M Oldie B   0 ,                     30:10.50
 11 Dallas Olney          M Young &   0 ,                     30:11.50
 12 Cole Sharp            M Young &   0 ,                     30:12.40
 13 Jeffrey Palmer        M Young &   0 ,                     30:13.30

                          Mixed 5000 Meter Run                        
    Name                  Group     Age Hometown                  Time
  1 Ashten Griswold       M Young &   0 ,                     19:52.94
  2 Marshall Randall      M Oldie B   0 ,                     20:09.07
  3 Kazune Nakashima      F Young &   0 ,                     22:28.58
  4 Tara Pipa             F Oldie B   0 ,                     22:42.34
  5 Anthony Reska         M Young &   0 ,                     22:52.57
  6 Berry Rodriguez       M Young &   0 ,                     22:54.60
  7 Dallas Olney          M Young &   0 ,                     23:46.94
  8 Derek Easton          M Young &   0 ,                     23:53.69
  9 Ed Millenaar          M Oldie B   0 ,                     23:59.12
 10 Kimmy Berry           F Young &   0 ,                     24:11.85
 11 Timothy Payne         M Oldie B   0 ,                     24:23.46
 12 Matt Hotchkiss        M Young &   0 ,                     25:04.36
 13 Payton Wheeler        M Young &   0 ,                     25:04.57
 14 Kelly Carbary         F Young &   0 ,                     25:25.32
 15 Stephen Knight        M Oldie B   0 ,                     25:34.71
 16 Colby Sharp           M Oldie B   0 ,                     25:54.53
 17 Gale Easton           M Oldie B   0 ,                     28:33.89
 18 Carl Travis           M Oldie B   0 ,                     28:48.63
 19 Barb Jacobson         F Oldie B   0 ,                     28:51.16
 20 Bob Jacobson          M Oldie B   0 ,                     28:53.05
 21 Lauren Easton         F Young &   0 ,                     29:10.77
 22 Sean Mills            M Oldie B   0 ,                     29:54.74
 23 Shana Mills           F Young &   0 ,                     30:19.88
 24 Andrew Crowley        M Young &   0 ,                     30:20.19
 25 Courtney Burdick      F Oldie B   0 ,                     30:29.19
 26 Tim Titus             M Oldie B   0 ,                     30:32.96
 27 William Schempf       M Oldie B   0 ,                     30:58.10
 28 Casen Sharp           M Young &   0 ,                     31:39.61
 29 Dustin Burdick        M Oldie B   0 ,                     31:56.94
 30 Kayla Berry           F Young &   0 ,                     32:30.95
 31 Kirk Wick             M Young &   0 ,                     33:35.08
 32 Ezzy Ronda            F Young &   0 ,                     34:02.61
 33 Robin Ellison         F Young &   0 ,                     35:04.36
 34 Christine Reed        F Oldie B   0 ,                     35:38.29
 35 Katie Sollman         F Young &   0 ,                     36:49.46
 36 Becky Grant           F Young &   0 ,                     42:51.49
 37 Joe Nagel             M Young &   0 ,                     45:38.73

Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Shirt

 The front.
The back.

This design is going on a long-sleeved performance-type shirt. Pre-register today to make sure we have one for you.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

If the Avengers were Olympians...

"More than once, coaching the varsity boys has felt like trying to corral the Avengers," Coach Sponsler said. "They're all so different from one another and yet, when they work together, they're capable of greatness."

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Western Middle School XC update

Last night the western middle school XC teams did a great job. Gezaghen Starr won the boys 6th grade race followed in by his teammate Quinn Natschke who finished second overall in the girls race. Both the 6th grade boys and girls ran together and as a combined team beat Albion, Stockbridge, Leslie and albion.
Madison Natschke, Kazune Nakashima, Noel Nagy and Sophie Debacker led the girls team into a first place finish with a score of 15 points to leslies 28. Madison was 1st, Kazune 2nd, Noel was 3rd and Sophie was 8th. All the girls did a really nice job of working together to win the race.
Lake Buseth had a hottly contested finish as a Stockbridge runner dove over the line and the stater gave the first place finish to Stockbridge. If you want to see Lake go after this kid come to our home meet on Thursday. Jared Clark, trey Palmer, Bode Buseth, and Brandon Miller all ran very well, but despite their efforts the boys still placed 2nd behind stockbridge.
Teachers, staff, and students if you have time on Thursday afternoon please come out and watch the runners on their home turf starting at 4:30.
-- by Coach Kiebler

Monday, October 8, 2012

BikeSnobNYC's Guide to Cyclocross

For a solid description of the sport of cyclo cross, check out this guy's posting, with photos, in Bicycling Magazine. Klunker-Cross, of course, won't exactly fit BikeSnobNYC's description, but the key elements are there. We don't care what kind of bike you ride, as long as it has two wheels and you're pedaling. Also, we have a different approach to nutrition.

BikeSnobNYC's Guide to Cyclocross

Three-and-a-half weeks till we welcome Western Yeti back from his summer slumber.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

High school XC update: Oct. 1-6

Welcome to another busy week in Western XC!
Here’s what this week looks like:
Monday, 10/1/12: Practice, 2:45 pm in Coach Sharp’s Room
 Tuesday, 10/2/12: CAAC DUAL MEET at HOME vs. LANSING WAVERLY 
*Guys Race at 5 pm, Girls Race at 5:30 pm
I could still use about 5-6 volunteers to help run our meet smoothly.  If you haven’t contacted me yet but would be willing to be out on the course directing athletes, please let me know.
Wednesday, 10/3/12: Practice, 1:45 pm in Coach Sharp’s Room
Thursday, 10/4/12: Practice, 2:45 pm in Coach Sharp’s Room
Friday, 10/5/12: Practice, 2:45 pm in Coach Sharp’s Room
Saturday, 10/6/12: Hudson Booster Invitational — at Hudson High School, click here for a map
****NOTE: This race is OPTIONAL to JV athletes!  There is a charge for parking.
 Let’s make it a great week!
-- Coach Sharp

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Middle school cross country teams successful at 20-team meet

Last night the middle school cross country teams went to battle at their largest cross country meet of the season. Each race had between 120 & 150 runners in it. There were over 20 teams represented. The 7th and 8th grade girls teams took first. The 8th grade boys team took 2nd and the 7th grade boys team placed 4th.
Out of 6 races western had four first place finishers. In the girls 6th grade race Quinn Natschke placed first with a school record of 9:49 for the 1.5 mile. In the boys 8th grade race Lake Buseth won. In the 7th grade girls race Kazune Nakashima won, and in the 8th grade girls race Madison Natschke won.
Other top racers were Gezaghen Starr, Taelor Eernisse, Hannah Ottolini, Ashley Oliver, Ethan Phillips, Bode Buseth, Tyler Blume, Landon Hiler, Justin Pariseau, Noel Nagy, Grace Buckland, Bailee McGraw, Madi Meyers, Sophie Debacker, Jackie Rosecrants, Lydia Herr, Jared Clark, Trey Palmer, Brandon Miller, and Tyler Robertson.
Many of the other runners also set personal bests. Congratulations on your hard fought victories.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Concord's Wild Life Marathon seeking volunteers

The below message was forwarded from Mr. Theo Hilleary of the Jackson Fitness Council:
Coming up on October 13th and 14th is the Wild Life Marathon. So far, this has been a widely accepted early fall event as we head towards our 4th running. We have over 425 preregistered athletes and I predict passing the 600 mark which will be about 50-100 more than last year.
Over these short period of time, I have learned that these events are only as successful as the volunteers that help make things happen.
At this time, I am seeking volunteers to help with the following tasks. Please email me at director@wildlifemarathon.org if you are interested and what tasks you would be willing to help with.
Cheers! Tim Payne Director Wild Life Marathon

  • Registration for Saturday, 10/13 from 4 - 7 PM at the Concord Public Library.
  • Registration for Sunday morning 10/14 from 6 - 8 AM at the Concord High School.
  • Help setting up and tearing down Aid Stations.
  • Parking at the Concord Middle School and High School parking lots.
  • Picking up and delivering pizza to Aid Stations and Fire Department volunteers.
  • Bicycle leader for Woman's Half-Marathon Run.
  • Bicycle leader for Men's Half-Marathon Run.
  • Misc tasks as needed. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Women's XC team nabs runners up honors at Lakeview Invite

The women's varsity cross country team placed second in a highly competitive field. 
Six Lady Panthers placed in the top thirty and received medals. 
Junior Mackenzie Kellar placed 5th overall. Sophomores Sydney Nagy and Noelle West were 8th and 23rd overall, respectively. Juniors Allison Snyder (28th), Libby Buckland (27th), and freshmen Lexi Shupbach (29th) rounded out the medals for the women's team.
Among the junior varisty runners, Western's girls snagged five of the top 20 places, receiving medal honors. Seniors Kim Cary (7th) and Brianna Meyers (17), juniors Mackenzie Bowden (12) and Aubrey Glover (13), and sophomore Kimmy Berry (14) walked away with medals for the Panthers.

Cross country men take fifth at Lakeview Invitational

The men's varsity cross-country team placed 5th at the Battle Creek Lakeview Invitational Saturday.
 Western was led by junior Jordan Dack, who finished 31st overall with a season's best time of 18:13. 
The men's team continued to show improvements, with many men posting season's best or personal best times. Freshman Jacob Inosencio crushed his previous PR by more than 50 seconds, running an 18:19. Junior Ashten Griswold came in under the 19-minute mark for the first time in his career, running a time of 18:32. Rounding out the scoring for Western were Luke Hubbard and freshman Chase Veydt.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday SupaFly Day

With Nike, you kind of have to take the good with the bad. When it comes to marketing and brand association, though, they know what they're doing. If this video doesn't make you want to go for a run...

Monday, September 10, 2012

High school teams compete at Harper Creek

The women's and men's cross-country teams finished 4th and 8th, respectively, in a tough field at the Harper Creek Optimist Invitational this past weekend. 
The girls were led by junior Mackenzie Kellar, who finished 6th overall with a time of 21:13. Sophomore Sydney Nagy placed 10th with a time of 22:00. Both medaled in a highly competitive field. Scoring for the Panthers were juniors Allison Snyder and Libby Buckland, and freshman Lexi Shupbach.
Freshman Jacob Inosencio led the male Panthers with a 10th place finish and a time of 19:01 and earned a medal. Scoring for the Panthers were juniors Jordan Dack and Ashten Griswold, and freshmen Chase Veydt and Zachary Veneziano.

MS XC runs competes at Addision Invitational

The middle school XC team competed Saturday at the Addison Invitational. The 5th and 6th graders ran 1.6 miles and the 7th and 8th graders ran 2.4 miles. 
Stand outs included Madison Natschke, who took 2nd overall in her race. Gezahegn Starr placed first overall in the 5/6 boys race. Quinn Natschke placed first overall in the girls 5/6 race and Lake Buseth placed 1st overall in the 7/8 boys race. 
 The 7/8 boys team took first as a team and were led by Lake Buseth, Jared Clark, and Tyler Robertson. The girls 7/8 team took 2nd behind Concord. The girls team was led by Madison Natschke, Noel Nagy, Sophie Debacker, Jackie Rosecrants and Grace Buckland.
Interestingly enough a tree in the woods fell down and almost hit a few of our 6th grade runners (not kidding) and someone (not from our team) decide to play with a hornets nest, so the 7th and 8th grade runners ended up running 2.4 miles instead of 2.  The race had to be diverted to avoid the hornets.
-- by Coach Kristin Kiebler

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Get up and move...

...because even the slowest runner is faster than the kid sitting at home on the couch.

WRC seeking to improve presence on world wide web

The purpose for this site is to provide one starting line from which to promote the events it organizes and to share news, results, and other information about Western's track and cross country teams. This is Grand Central Station, of sorts, for athletes, parents, and fans of the teams WRC supports, as well as for those seeking information about events such as the Bye-Bye Yeti 5k, which has been run each March since 2009.