Western Runners Club

Western Runners Club
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Hello Yeti (fall xc/cx)

     For the fall of 2012 the club is organizing the Hello, Yeti! Trail Run & Klunker-Cross.
 The Western Runners Club invites you to say
Hello, Yeti!
Trail Run & Klunker-Cross
to benefit the
and the 
Western Runners Club
4 November 2012
Western Nature Trail 
1 p.m. 

 The event will begin with a 30-minute cyclocross bike race. The trail run will begin ten minutes after the last bike crosses the line. There are three ways to compete: bike, run, or both. 

Click here to register online.  If you don't pre-register, don't fret, you can register on-site. But you might not get a shirt. 

Interested in being a sponsor? Get your name or logo on the back of the shirt, and enjoy the glow of our everlasting appreciation. Have a non-monetary contribution you'd like to make? Cool. Let us know. Email elspondo@gmail.com.
Glossary of Terms
Cyclocross – a form of cross-country bicycle racing with obstacles such as run-ups, logs, ditches, and other barriers. Courses often include varied surfaces such as sand, mud and pavement, and are usually less than a one mile loop. After a specified amount of time, the competitor who completes the most laps is declared the winner. Click here to see some cyclocross videos. You'll notice that racers use a bike that closely resembles a road bike. There are no limitations on the bike you choose to ride in the Klunker-Cross.

Multi-Sport – a competition where participants use more than one means of movement. A good example is the tri-athlon, which involves swimming, biking and running.

Klunker – this large-framed, fat-tire bike also known as a paperboy bike or a cruiser was the precursor to the modern mountain bike. More recently, the term has been used to refer to bikes affectionately known as big-box specials. The WRC hopes its cyclocross race is comfortable for those who have never before ridden in an organized event, while also being worth the time of more experienced riders.

Melanoma – The most dangerous of the skin cancers, click here for more information.

Pit Crew – These are the people who come to cheer you on as you quest for greatness. While they may disperse themselves along the course, they'll only be able to help you with your equipment while in the pit area. In this designated area, refreshment will be offered to riders and runners alike, and bikes can be swapped out or repaired.

Run-Up – a portion of a cyclocross course – usually a hill or set of stairs – that requires most riders to get out of the saddle and carry their bikes.

Sponsor – person or organization providing financial support to the WRC and its fund-raising activities. In turn, the WRC seeks to make sponsors visible to race participants and the general public. Those interested in sponsoring the Hello, Yeti! Klunker-Cross and Trail Run are encouraged to send email to elspondo@gmail.com.

Trail Run – More than just cross country, this trail run covers the same ground as the Klunker Cross course, and then some. Contestants can expect steep hills, fallen trees, narrow bridges and, of course, mud.

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